What We Offer

NLC Mutual provides reinsurance capacity for liability, property and workers’ compensation to its member owners. We work with our members to tailor coverage to address their unique needs. We also build additional resources to enhance our offerings, such as claims management, actuarial services, and an exclusive data warehouse & analytics tool (Mutual Insights, powered by Domo).

Reinsurance Coverages

With built-in profit-sharing mechanisms and sustainable, long-term pricing, NLC Mutual is designed to be your pooling solution on all coverage lines. Our coverage offerings are customizable and flexible to meet the needs of your pool.  Typical coverage lines are outlined below. 

General Liability |  Auto Liability |  Public Officials Liability | Law Enforcement Liability 
Property |  Auto Physical Damage 
Workers’ Compensation | Employer’s Liability


NLC Mutual is designed to be your pooling solution on all coverage lines. Unlike commercial reinsurers, our offerings are customizable and flexible. We work to create the right solutions for our members by constantly evaluating coverage options to meet evolving issues and situations.

Our sustainable, long-term pricing won’t drastically fluctuate with the whims of the market. Reinsurance rate calculations are based on real claim levels and experience, which ensure member pools are not priced out of needed coverage.

Claims Management

NLC Mutual partners with Northshore for claims management. To ensure operational efficiency regular claim audits are conducted with members. Members also have access to Northshore expertise for consulting on complex claims and settlement strategy. 

File a First Notice of Loss using the forms below.

Mutual Insights

Through Mutual Insights members access powerful and sophisticated data analytics and visualizations.  

This program—built on the Domo business intelligence platform—offers a proven value-added experience for individual pools as well as the collective membership.   

Actuarial Services

Actuarial Consulting Services help members better handle the complexities of existing and emerging risks. Our dedicated Mutual staff, sometimes in collaboration with NLC-RISC, provide evolving services including:  

Cost Projections

Claims Projections for Emerging Risk Exposures

Actuarial estimates identify emerging exposures. For example, actuaries work with members to model current COVID-19 and PTSD workers’ compensation presumption claims.  

Continuing education

Continuing Education

Mutual staff present on important topics such as reserving, pricing, and capital modeling. Educational sessions are offered through NLC-RISC conferences/webinars, and member Board of Trustees meetings. 

Data Insights

Strategic Risk Management & Data Insights

Mutual provides strategic consulting services to member pools on a variety of topics, such as reviewing pricing methodology, approach to enterprise risk management, and carried reserve level. Additionally, staff brings an actuarial perspective to the reports and visualizations that members develop through the Mutual-sponsored data project in DOMO.  

Captive solutions

Risk Financing & Captive Solutions

Through modeling and quantifying unique risk exposures in a variety of lines of business, Mutual actuary staff can help members optimize their retention, pooling, and commercial purchase of risk.  When applicable, they can also explore creative risk financing solutions to members’ reinsurance needs, such as the formation and restructuring of existing captive structures.

Award & Scholarship

The application deadline for the William F. Fulginiti Legacy Award has passed for 2022. A Committee will review all applications and if an award recipient is chosen they will be notified in November.

The application for the Donald L. Jones Scholarship for the 2023-2024 academic year is now available. Please apply using the application below before the deadline which is January 31, 2023.

William F. Fulginiti Legacy Award

To honor Bill Fulginiti’s life and dedication of service, NLC Mutual created an award which recognizes an individual from a current State League or Risk Pool who has demonstrated excellence and made a significant contribution to the public entity field.

Bill was one of the founding members of our Company and served as Chair for over 29 years and as Chair Emeritus until his passing. His commitment to this community far exceeded this Company; he was a mentor to many and an advocate for all State League and Risk Pools.

Donald L. Jones Scholarship

Don Jones served as secretary/treasurer of NLC Mutual since its inception. He retired in December of 1999 as Director of the Center for Member Programs at the National League of Cities.  

This scholarship commemorates Don Jones’s outstanding service to NLC Mutual and state league pooling throughout his career.

Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Audit Program

NLC Mutual partners with DonnCo to offer member pools a comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Audit Program designed to put you in greater control of workers’ compensation medical costs. Leveraging their unique combination of expert insight, industry influence and the power to affect change, DonnCo uses techniques and strategies designed to bring a money management approach to work comp cost containment programs through restructuring existing programs or a competitive bid process. Member pools may be eligible for a partial contribution by NLC Mutual to support implementation of the program.

Financial Assessment

Preliminary Review & Financial Assessment

A complimentary preliminary review and financial assessment of the pool’s current Work Comp Managed Care   Program will be conducted at no cost or obligation to the pool. An assessment of the financial, operational, and contractual opportunities will be conducted to include: 

  • Review of vendor contracts
  • Review of vendor billing
  • Areas of concern identified by the pool

A summary of the review will be provided outlining potential efficiencies and cost savings. At the discretion of the pool, the initial review is followed by a comprehensive program audit and restructuring or competitive bid process.

Program Audit

Program Audit & Restructuring

DonnCo demystifies program design, pricing, and performance thresholds providing members with the necessary insight and knowledge to make informed decisions to improve their program. DDC will produce a value-based SMART Report (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Tailored) detailing the course of action to achieve objectives and maximum results. 

COmpetitive RFP Process

Competitive RFP Process

If you determine that your program would benefit from a competitive bid/RFP process, DonnCo will coordinate and support the vendor selection process at the member’s discretion, including:

  • Candidate identification;
  • RFP development and issuance;
  • Candidate communications;
  • Proposal evaluation, scoring and documentation;
  • Finalist interviews; and
  • Follow up, contract negotiation (business terms), and program installation.
Program Management

Program Management

Removing the need for staff time and resources in managing the performance of your managed care vendors, DonnCo provides ongoing program management, enforcement and audit to ensure vendor adherence to: 

  • Performance service delivery specifications;
  • Correction of underperformance and overcharges;
  • Correction of operational issues, Implementation of service enhancements and new services to optimize program performance; and
  • Advisory on regulatory and all other managed care-related client concerns.

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