Our Mission

The purpose of NLC Mutual Insurance Company is to meet the reinsurance, risk financing, and risk management needs of the state municipal league sponsored municipal risk pools throughout the United States through:


Anticipating and responding to the reinsurance needs of our members in a changing environment.

Quality Programs

Ensuring the availability of reinsurance programs that reflect adequate pricing and sound loss reserving to promote long term sustainability.

Sustainable Solutions

Tailoring quality reinsurance and risk management programs to meet member requirements.

Market Stability

Creating stability in the marketplace by providing required capacity for our members.

Our Values

In the execution of its mission, NLC Mutual Insurance Company adheres to core values that are essential to its operation and are critical in its decision-making:


We are a member owned and governed organization. Each participating member has an equal voice in directing NLC Mutual in the successful execution of its mission.


All members share a mutual commitment to act in concert to address the challenges and perfect the opportunities encountered by NLC Mutual.


NLC Mutual openly shares its information, expertise and resources for the common good of all members.
Financial Strength

Financial Strength

NLC Mutual and its membership operate with sound insurance expertise, disciplined decision-making, and expert delivery of services, all of which build financial strength and ensure successful, continued operation.
CommiTted Staff

Committed Staff

We are committed to assembling and maintaining a team of professional staff and service providers who are totally dedicated to serving the interests of the entire membership.


Our relationship with the National League of Cities is of the utmost importance to the success of NLC Mutual. We strive to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with NLC.


We will actively provide opportunities to be inclusive of all people and to build racial equity and diversity into our workforce, especially recognizing the importance of inclusivity with BIPOC employees within our membership, partnerships, the industry, and educational institutions.

“At NLC Mutual, our members power the work we do. Staff is committed to providing sustainable insurance solutions to meet the needs of public entities, amidst an ever-changing landscape of priorities for local leaders. As a member-owned captive reinsurance company we also take pride in our solid financial performance and our promise to share profits with members.”

Jill EatonCEO & President of NLC Mutual Insurance Company

Our Members

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