Custom Charts and Regions

January 23, 2022

When deciding how to visualize your data, Domo has over 30 different chart types to choose from. Domo also allows you to develop your own custom chart and upload it as an additional chart type. To create a custom chart, the visualization to be used must be in one of the following formats: SVG, KML, GeoJSON, TopoJSON or Shape. Within the file, the identifying points must have values that will match the datasets that will be connected to them in Domo. For example, if you have custom map of the United States, if your dataset contains state abbreviations, then the values used in the SVG file must also contain state abbreviations. Once you have created your custom chart, you can upload it either in the Admin Settings or in Analyzer. The new chart is now available to use and can be found under custom charts in the Analyzer.

Domo also allows you to create region based on existing state or national maps. This can be very useful if you have divided your state into particular regions. Your regions can be listed by zip code or by county. Simply upload your dataset with the defined regions and then choose create region in the custom charts section. Select your region column as the new custom region and select your zip code or county FIPS code as the sub-region. Domo will show you a preview of how your data looks with the new regions and then you can save to complete the change. The new regional chart is now available to use and will be found with the other custom charts in Analyzer.

For more information on creating custom charts and regions, refer to these Domo knowledgebase articles.