Pivot Table & Mega Tables

December 17, 2021

Domo provides two table cards that are very useful for providing information in an Excel-like view: mega table and pivot table. There are a variety of different formatting and totaling options available in both card types that can help you provide a specific look that you might be trying to achieve. For example, by enabling the “Show Subtotal Rows” option in the mega table, you can suppress repeating items and make it look like a pivot table, but still keeping it as a mega table. Additionally, you can use the “transpose” option to convert rows into columns. If you are needing to show a lot of columns on your card, you can freeze the leftmost columns of the table by entering a value in the “number of locked columns” property. Both card types allow you to collapse groups of information, which can be expanded by the user as needed. You can also set some to expanded and some to be collapsed as its initial view.

For a complete breakdown of the different features of each card type, be sure and review each of these Domo knowledgebase articles below.